Organic vs biodynamic? Here’s the difference

We’re living and breathing biodynamic here at AEOS, but what does this mean? And is it really any better than organic? Well here’s the lowdown…

  1. Going the extra mile

You could think of biodynamic farming as ‘organic plus’. Biodynamic farmers follow all organic principles (such as excluding all synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and genetically modified organisms), but they take extra steps to work in greater harmony with Mother Nature, tending the land using holistic and sustainable methods that help it thrive not just today, but also in the long term.

Self-contained, self-sustainable

What is a farm? From the biodynamic farmer’s view, it’s a single entity made up of numerous interdependent parts. And each part (the bacteria in the soil, the crops, the livestock, the wildlife and the human stewards of the land) plays an integral role in helping the farm as a whole thrive.

And while an organic farm may bring in organic fertilizers and seeds from elsewhere, the goal of biodynamic farming is to be as self-sustaining as possible by producing everything that is needed in situ.

Soil in the starring role

Biodynamic farmers know just how crucial the role of healthy soil has in producing crops that are full of life-force, potency, and resistant to pests and disease. Healthy soil brims with nutrients, beneficial microbes and life-sustaining water, and key methods of achieving this goal include crop rotation, growing soil-enriching plants such as legumes and using farm-derived composts and special biodynamic preparations made from herbs, minerals and animal manures.

In tune with natural cycles

Biodynamic farming methods harness nature’s rhythms, such as lunar cycles, in decision-making. These cycles can energise or slow down plant growth, and thus determine the optimum times for planting and harvesting crops. A careful observation of, and working in harmony with, these vital rhythms, ensures that plants achieve their fullest potential when it comes to vitality and strength.

  1. What biodynamic means for your skin

Maximum potency

We all want to see a real difference when we use a beauty product – and we get the best results by applying the purest, most potent ingredients rich in complexion-enhancing nutrients. And there are no short cuts to cultivating plants that can deliver that. Vitality can’t be faked or forced; it takes a fertile, thriving ecosystem to produce ingredients with maximum benefits – which is what biodynamic farming is all about.

Beauty, guilt-free


In biodynamic farming, the land is never manipulated or ‘forced to perform’ at the expense of its long-term health. Biodynamic farmers cultivate the land with deep respect for the earth, working with nature every step of the way to ensure that life in all its beautiful diversity keeps thriving.

By choosing biodynamic beauty products you’re not only treating your skin to ingredients of maximum potency but also doing your bit for Mother Earth by supporting sustainable farming practices.

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