Crystal spotlight: Get to know the amethyst

Amethyst is a beautiful quartz with a pinkish violet to deep purple hue with a soothing and balancing energy – it’s easy to see why it’s been a highly prized gemstone throughout the centuries and is still just as popular today.


  1. Amethyst history and lore


Amethyst is associated with numerous myths and legends – think Ancient Egyptians and Catholic bishops who wore amethyst amulets and ornaments for their powerful protective properties. At one time amethyst was so rare that is was considered as valuable as diamond and became associated with English royalty.


The name amethyst is derived from the Greek word amethustos, which means ‘not intoxicated’, and ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the gemstone could stop them from getting drunk. The myth about the origin of amethyst is also linked to wine: in the legend Amethyst is the name of a young maiden whom the goddess Diana turns into a clear crystal to save the girl from Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. The remorseful Bacchus ends up pouring wine over the crystal, which turns the gem purple.


  1. Beneficial effects of amethyst


Historically, amethyst has been used for purification and protection, and today one of its key uses as a healing stone is to promote rest and sleep. Check out more of its healing wonders below:


For the body


Amethyst is thought to have a strengthening effect on the immune system and to be helpful in relieving migraines.


Amethyst’s soothing energy and moisturising properties also make it a valuable addition to skincare formulations – its calming qualities are particularly suited to nourishing irritated and inflamed skin. We use the crystal essence of amethyst in several of our formulations, including Refreshing Hydrating Mist, Realive Serum and Enriching Moisturiser.


For the mind


Amethyst promotes relaxation and calm through its harmonising effect on the nervous system. It’s also thought to increase mental clarity, boost our creative and intuitive abilities and enhance our connection to the divine.


To harness the powers of amethyst at home, try keeping a piece of quartz next to your bed (or even under your pillow) at night for more peaceful sleep, or hold one during meditation to help clear the mind and access the stillness within. Or simply wear amethyst jewellery to enjoy the gem’s exceptional beauty and day-long zen boost.


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