Spotlight on Calendula: The delicate herb that’s a skin-healing powerhouse

Youthful glow, hello! Calendula, an extract from the Marigold Family, has been used as a natural cure for wounds for centuries, but it has a little secret… this delicate flower has tremendous healing powers for your skin. Yes, this impressive anti-inflammatory and restorative powerhouse is your skin-loving go-to for quenching skin with deep hydration, leaving you with a gorgeously-smooth complexion.



So what’s its secret?


Calendula’s nourishing and uplifting properties are thanks to its high levels of carotenoids (vitamin A-like compounds) – the skin superheroes that help protect our skin from premature aging – yet it’s gentle and safe enough to use on the most delicate complexions and around the eyes. A regular boost of this flower’s power will help leave your skin feeling stronger and more supple and radiating with health.


Medicinal magic


Thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, calendula is a natural healer, making it great for skin problems and irritations like eczema or acne. It can also be used to help promote the healing of wounds, minor burns and any other inflammatory skin conditions.


Give your skin a calendula-boost with three of our award-winning products:


AEOS Gentle Exfoliant

Reveal a fresh, radiant and polished complexion the calendula way with our Gentle Exfoliant Pink or Blue. With its calendula-rich award-winning formula, your skin will enjoy an immediate boost.


AEOS Skin Replenisher Cream Rich

Quench thirsty skin with our Skin Replenisher Cream. Brimming with calendula extract for an intense burst of hydration, this potent formula helps protect against premature signs of ageing, giving skin a natural and plumped vitality.


AEOS Enriching Spelt Hand Cream

Treat your hands to a powerful moisture boost with our multi-award winning, multi-tasking Enriching Spelt Hand Cream. Packed with Calendula extract, it helps soothe and rejuvenate even the most dry or weather-weary hands, leaving them feeling fresh, soft and smooth.





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