Spotlight on Calendula: The delicate herb that’s a skin-healing powerhouse

Youthful glow, hello! Calendula, an extract from the Marigold Family, has been used as a natural cure for wounds for centuries, but it has a little secret… this delicate flower has tremendous healing powers for your skin. Yes, this impressive anti-inflammatory and restorative powerhouse is your skin-loving go-to for quenching skin with deep hydration, leaving you with a gorgeously-smooth complexion.



So what’s its secret?


Calendula’s nourishing and uplifting properties are thanks to its high levels of carotenoids (vitamin A-like compounds) – the skin superheroes that help protect our skin from premature aging – yet it’s gentle and safe enough to use on the most delicate complexions and around the eyes. A regular boost of this flower’s power will help leave your skin feeling stronger and more supple and radiating with health.


Medicinal magic


Thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, calendula is a natural healer, making it great for skin problems and irritations like eczema or acne. It can also be used to help promote the healing of wounds, minor burns and any other inflammatory skin conditions.


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Healing journeys – where will yours take you?

We all intuitively know that nature has far more to offer us than food, raw materials and even pretty pictures to download onto our desktop computers. But, as we sometimes struggle to keep all the balls of our complicated lives in the air, boxed within four walls, it’s way too easy to feel removed from the natural world. Yet, reconnecting with nature may just be the thing we’re needing if we’ve begun to feel disconnected and restless in our lives.

Nature is there for us – particularly when life deals us a particularly rotten hand and we end up feeling broken and lost or worse. Numerous people have dealt with their grief and troubles by heading to the great outdoors for a very long walk, coming back transformed.

  1. What we seek on the trail


What makes someone want to walk on their own for days, weeks or even months on end on dirt tracks and forest paths? While many people hit the trail simply because of their love for the outdoors or because they fancy a challenge, many others seek the solace of the desert or the mountains because they’re dealing with something difficult in their lives and they’re in search of guidance.

For Cheryl Strayed – who at 22 was grieving her mother’s death and the end of her marriage – hiking over 1,000 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail was a transformational experience that became a turning point in her life (her memoir Wild was later made into a film, starring Reese Witherspoon, by the same name). Robyn Davidson, whose 1,700 trek across the Australian Outback in the company of four camels and a dog was also described as a memoir and later made into the film Tracks, explained that at age 25, she felt directionless and was desperate to do something that would give her life meaning. For others, it’s because of their struggles with self love or accepting their body, addictions or just a nagging feeling that something in their life is not quite right – that gets them hitting that trail. Sometimes people don’t even know why they feel the pull to go before they get there.

But rest assured, whatever people seek out there, they often end up finding inside themselves.

  1. What I found on my own walk

By Nita, writer for AEOS


As a writer for AEOS, I was asked to share my own healing journey that took me to the Scottish Highlands in July 2017, alone, for a week. I felt vulnerable and broken-hearted at the time and had a strong urge to do something to regain my faith in myself. I also wanted to ‘get away from it all’ and a week of solo hiking and wild camping fitted the bill nicely (while making me nervous too)…

In the end, I found that the most magical thing about walking in nature for me was that on some fundamental level it always made sense, even when it felt that nothing else in my life did. During the hike, I’d wake up in the morning, lace up my boots and walk. That’s it. One step after another. While physically demanding, the simplicity of life on the trail seemed to create this wide open space in which to process my feelings and untangle my thoughts. What I brought back with me was a renewed sense of strength and clarity.


  1. Choose your own journey


Long hikes have changed many lives for the better and come highly recommended (as long as they are thoroughly planned and prepared for). But what if you could do with a dose of ‘walking therapy’ but don’t really fancy trekking in the wilderness for months or even days? Thankfully, healing isn’t a competitive sport, and walks in nature can be undertaken on any scale that suits us. In the end, after even a few hours spent in solitude (or good company) out in the woods, on the beach or on the hills you’re sure to come back more energised and [Read more…]

The perks of going label free

When asked ‘Who are you?‘, what springs to mind first? Is it your name and age, job title and nationality, your role as a spouse or a parent? Listing these things is second nature to many and no wonder – we’ve all grown up in a world where labelling ourselves and others in a myriad of ways is so entrenched that we don’t bat an eyelid anymore when asked to tick boxes on yet another form. Add to that any medical diagnoses and traumatic life experiences that we may have gone through and we get what author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle calls ‘a story’ about who we are. And a story, of course, can’t possibly capture all of our complexity and uniqueness.

While labels may not be ‘evil’ in themselves, the more we identify with them, and the more power we give them, the more we are at risk of limiting who we can be.

  1. How labels may be holding us back

They can limit our growth

The risk of accepting and identifying with a label is that we can get unnecessarily stuck in one way of being, where we may naturally have kept evolving and changing.

The more we see ourselves through a particular label (be it ‘depressed’, ‘shy’, ‘old’ etc.) the less we focus on everything else that we are – and have the potential to be. We are not only multifaceted beings but also constantly learning, evolving and becoming… And being attached to a label limits that growth like a flower pot that’s too small to allow the roots of a plant to expand.

They can lock us into the past

Sometimes labels are born out of traumatic experiences we have endured in our lives. While it’s undeniable that such things shape and change us, we don’t need to hold on to them forever as our identity. Continuously identifying with a past experience and defining ourselves through it keeps us from living in the present moment and reaching for new territory.

They can distort how we see others

Labels also get in the way of seeing others in their full complexity – we make assumptions based on that one aspect. Often we see groups of people talked about as if they were a homogenous mass, when any label (be it ethnicity, religion, age, sexuality – you name it!) is only one facet of each individual in a vastly diverse aggregation of individuals… Labels used in this way pave way for stereotypes, discrimination – and missing out on the true beauty of diversity.

  1. Diffusing the power of labels

A life completely without labels may not seem completely possible, but with some mindful attention to our own thoughts and words we can at least loosen their grip on us. Tolle recommends focusing on the question ‘Who am I?‘ by feeling rather than thinking about it.

The power of ‘I am’

Pay particular attention whenever you utter the words ‘I am’. Once we’ve accepted a label, we are often the ones who also keep reinforcing it. Using the words ‘I am [label]’ can have a powerful effect on us – for better or for worse – especially if we repeat them constantly. But what would we be without those thoughts? One way to weaken a label is to think in terms of experiencing something in that moment rather than being it. Saying ‘I haven’t been at my most organised today’ instead of ‘I am so disorganised‘, or ‘I’m aware that I’m having thoughts that give me feelings of stress’ rather than ‘I am stressed’ may not sound radically different, but already there’s a small doorway open to [Read more…]

Fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day – glow inside and out

We all know Valentine’s Day is about celebrating with the people we love… but this year, how about adding the most important person to your list – You! Of course, you want to look good for that hot date, but what’s the point in looking good if you don’t feel good?


Ready to get glowing inside and out this Valentine’s Day? Here’s how:


Glowing Skin


  1. Drink more water: we know you’ve heard it a gazillion times, but water truly is radiance straight out of the tap and your first go-to when it comes to revealing your most kissable complexion. Hydrate your skin, improve elasticity and boost your skin’s appearance by drinking at least eight glasses of the good stuff a day.


  1. Curb sugar: no one said anything about giving up chocolate on Valentine’s Day (can you imagine?). But sugary foods take their toll on your skin, damaging cells and affecting collagen production. So, choose skin-loving dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (at least 70%); packed with vitamins, iron and calcium, it can replace lost moisture in your skin, nourishing it from the inside out.



  1. Eat the rainbow: brighten up lacklustre skin by eating plenty of antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables. The more colourful they are – think carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, orange, mango – the more potent the nutrients, giving you a gorgeous glow and a kiss-me-quick complexion.


  1. Get moving: exercise isn’t just great for our health, it’s great for our skin too. Treat a tired and puffy complexion to at least 20-minutes of exercise each day. Whether it’s running, dancing, yoga or whatever exercise you enjoy, you’ll be boosting blood flow and promoting circulation, keeping your complexion healthy and vibrant. Your skin (and your body) will thank you.


  1. Get more sleep: improve skin tone and banish those dark circles and puffy eyes by making sure you get your beauty sleep. Experts suggest eight hours a day, but you know what’s right for you. So, up that shut-eye for bright, petal-soft skin just in time for Valentine’s Day.


  1. Exfoliate: give your skin a Valentine’s Day makeover with our multi-award-winning Gentle Exfoliant Pink, for a radiant, perfectly kissable complexion. Full of skin-nurturing oils- jojoba seed, grape seed, argan and avocado- plus our very own biodynamic spelt oil, you’ll reveal strokeably-soft and glowy skin, faster than Cupid’s bow.

Skin needing an extra boost? Well who doesn’t love date-night with skin that’s plump, moisturised and hydrated? Quench thirsty skin fast as you help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, with AEOS Skin Replenisher Cream Rich.



Glowing Heart


Caring for others and living with compassion is scientifically proven to make us feel good. And what better way to celebrate and honour the love in our lives than by opening our hearts with a simple loving-kindness meditation?


Practicing loving-kindness can do wondrous things for our hearts… like helping us to let go of old bugbears, and strengthening relationships – with others and with ourselves. So, whether you want to be in your most loving frame of mind for that date, or just want to show yourself some love, take the time in the run-up to Valentine’s Day (and beyond) to follow this simple technique.


  • Find a quiet place and close your eyes, relax your muscles and take a few deep breaths.
  • Imagine yourself experiencing complete physical and emotional wellness, and inner peace. Focus on this feeling and visualise yourself breathing out tension and breathing in love.
  • In your mind, repeat the following loving-kindness phrases to yourself:
    • May I be happy
    • May I be safe
    • May I be healthy
  • Let yourself enjoy these feelings for a while. If your attention drifts away, gently bring yourself back.
  • Begin to shift your focus to the loved ones in your life. Begin with someone you’re close to and start to feel your gratitude and love for them. In your mind, picture yourself saying the mantra to them:
    • May you be happy
    • May you be safe
    • May you be healthy
  • Hold onto these feelings for a while. When you’re ready, bring other important people from your life into your awareness, one-by-one and repeat the meditation. Then branch out to other friends and family, then neighbours and acquaintances, even people you see but don’t know.
  • Next, extend the feelings of loving-kindness to people you may be in conflict with. Let go of any anger and resentment towards them, and picture them with perfect wellness and happiness. Repeat the mantra to them.
  • When your meditation is complete, open your eyes and remember that you can revisit that wonderful feeling of loving-kindness throughout the day, with just a few deep breaths.

Source: Fredrickson BL, Cohn MA, Coffey KA, Pek J, Finkel SM. Open hearts build lives: positive emotions, induced through loving-kindness meditation, build consequential personal resources.