Have yourself a radiant Christmas – the AEOS way

Hello radiant Christmas skin – be it festive parties or cosying indoors ‘hygge’ style, be sure your skin is looking and feeling its best throughout the festive season – and guess what? It’s so easy! Get (and maintain) the glow by combining the powers of a good skincare routine with a range of complexion-boosting beauty foods and a couple of healthy habits.



  1. Top five festive beauty eats


Make these foods a part of your festive menu, and you’ll keep your skin nourished throughout the holiday season…




Feeling peckish? Snack on nuts for a dose of protein, healthy fats and minerals to boost your skin. Stock up on a good variety for a wider range of nutrients: hazelnuts are rich in vitamin E, Brazil nuts provide plenty of selenium and walnuts are your nutty go-to for omega fatty acids.




For angel-worthy radiance, keep skin supple and bouncy by adding avocados to your meals, wherever in the world you are. This bright green fruit is rich in healthy fats that combat the skin-drying effects of wintery weather as well as including compounds that protect against UV-damage.



Good oils


Healthy oils are wonderful at keeping your skin hydrated and smooth, and can even help soothe  inflammation and increase collagen production. Choose omega-3 rich flaxseed oil or vitamin E rich extra virgin olive oil. Drizzle liberally on your salad …or any dish really.


Bright fruit and veg


Add colour to your plate and partner the heavier holiday dishes with generous helpings of fruit and veg. As well as feeling lighter, you’ll be feeding your skin with collagen-boosting vitamin C and free-radical battling carotenoids. It’s a win-win.



Dark Chocolate


For many, it isn’t Christmas without chocolate – and the good news is that choosing the right kind can also be kind to your complexion! Dark chocolate has a high concentration of skin-enhancing minerals like magnesium, and raw chocolate in particular is high in antioxidants. When possible, limit chocolate treats with dairy and processed sugar (which aren’t as kind to your skin).



  1. Healthy holiday habits




Get nutrients and oxygen flowing to your skin with some exercise – the circulation boost will help your skin rejuvenate and get rid of toxins more efficiently too. Grab a pal or the fam and head to your local ice rink or the park together to make exercise more fun and get a dose of fresh air to boot.


Drink more water


The weather this time of year (be it mid-winter or summer for you) coupled with all the parties and oh-so many festive tipples on offer, makes it extra important to remember to drink enough water. Start your day by drinking a big glass of water and remember to alternate alcoholic drinks with one as well.


Get your beauty sleep


A good night’s sleep is as vital to our complexion as it is to our general sense of wellbeing: our bodies do most of their healing and regeneration at night. So make sure you strike a healthy balance between socialising and sufficient sleep to keep your skin feeling its best.


Skincare routine


Look after your skin on the outside as well as the inside by following a good daily skincare routine. Cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning and before bed, and don’t forget to exfoliate. See the results when you follow our three-phase system which is easy to tailor to your skin’s needs.


Reduce stress


As we all know, stress plays havoc on skin – and the run-up to Christmas can be especially stress inducing — be it panicking about all the presents we haven’t managed to buy yet, trying to make travel arrangements or even clashing with family members… Don’t be afraid to step back and recharge when you need it.





The life-force of water

Water – so essential for life – is also a vital ingredient in most of our formulations. So naturally we care a great deal about the quality of it. We start with the purest possible water and work in harmony with Mother Nature every step of the way to enhance it further, creating base for our formulations with the greatest beneficial effects for your skin.


Read on to discover what makes our water just so special…



  1. Natural origins


The story of our water begins at its source. All the water in our beauty formulations is artesian ground water, which is naturally filtered over time through layers of porous rock or sand. And, in case you didn’t know, the name artesian is derived from the name of the French province Artois, where the first artesian water well was created by local monks in 1126.


We’re deeply inspired by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto whose water crystal photography demonstrates the capacity of water to hold ‘memories’, both positive and negative. Using natural artesian water ensures that it’s as far as possible infused with only positive energies.



  1. Pure and energised



Harnessing the power of natural rhythms, we ensure that in the next stage of our water preparation process, the water passes through special vortex pipes which allow it to flow in spirals, which is how it would naturally flow in streams and rivers. This process called ‘restructuring’ is based on the pioneering work of Viktor Schauberger, who was inspired by the energetic qualities of water and processes that enhance them.


At this stage, the water is also further purified by removing all bacteria as well as any excess of natural metals and minerals.



  1. Charged with crystals


After a thorough purification and restructuring of the water, it’s channelled into chambers that contain carefully selected crystals. The beneficial qualities of the crystals (from tranquillity to wellbeing) are imprinted into the water’s memory.



  1. Vibrant and alive


And here’s the really clever bit… in the final stage of preparing our water, we use a process called electro-static induction (ESI) which breaks down bonds and causes vibrations in the water – akin to what happens when water from a very high waterfall hits a hard, solid surface. This process primes our water to penetrate the layers of skin more easily, allowing the hydrating ingredients in our formulations to work at a deep level.


Trust your body: the intuitive path to a healthy weight

How many diets have you done in your lifetime? Be honest… And how much thinner are you now as a result, having kept the weight off? Every year there’s buzz around yet another weight loss ‘breakthrough’, the latest celebrity approved miracle “diet to end all diets”. Whether it’s cutting down drastically on carbs, sugar or fats, going for intermittent fasting or consuming low-calorie meal replacement products, we’re told that a few months down the line, we’ll have achieved our ideal weight and will live thinly ever after…

Except that studies tell us that dieting rarely works in the long term. Sure, we can rapidly lose weight on a diet, but more often than not the pounds creep back again. One 2007 study reported that up to two-thirds of people who’d been on a diet, went on to gain even more weight than they’d initially lost.

What are we to do then if we want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight? If dieting doesn’t work, what does?

1. The real cause of weight gain?

On the surface, the cause of weight gain seems simple enough – we pile on the pounds if we consistently eat more calories than we burn through exercise. However, that doesn’t explain why we do it…
Chronic stress has been flagged in many studies as one reason behind overeating. Heightened levels of stress hormones increase our appetite and make us crave sugary and fatty foods in particular. Sleep deprivation and suppressed emotions can likewise lead us to eat more.
According to Eckhart Tolle, overeating is often a response to our ego’s feelings of not having or being enough. As a result, going on a strict diet may temporarily ‘fix’ things, but without solving the underlying causes, we can easily fall into a never-ending cycle of deprivation and binging…
  1. What the naturally slim people do

Interestingly, when the Global Healthy Weight Registry interviewed people who’ve always maintained a healthy weight, they discovered that naturally slim people generally eschew ‘dieting’ or depriving themselves. Rather, they’re conscious about what they eat but don’t stress about indulging in the occasional treat. Most of them eat plenty of fruit and veg and favour home-cooked meals over processed food and exercise on a regular basis. Perhaps most importantly though, they tend to be in tune with their body: eating when they feel hungry and being mindful about the inner cues that tell them when to stop. And that can be learned.

  1. Intuitive eating

The basis of intuitive eating is trusting our body’s innate intelligence and ability to regulate its weight. The body is an ally that knows how much it needs. And we can learn to listen to its signals by eating more mindfully.

If you feel an emotional urge to binge and find yourself reaching for the biscuits, try these steps…

  1. Stop and tell yourself that you can have a biscuit in 30 minutes, if you still want it. Then tune into what you’re feeling in the moment. Acknowledge and accept the emotion you’re experiencing. Stay with it without trying to push it away. Observe how much you desire that biscuit 30 minutes later.
  2. Ask yourself what you really need and want. Perhaps it’s rest? Or support from your loved ones? The biscuit may be just a ‘stand-in’ for something else we long for. Is there a way to meet that need?

Whenever possible, eat your food mindfully (especially when it’s biscuits). Present your food in a way that looks appealing and sit down to eat your meal without distractions (try not to eat while standing or watching the TV). Take a moment to [Read more…]