Time to switch up our seasonal skincare again!

We love the changing of seasons and how the cycles we see in nature keep life feeling interesting and fresh. Our northern hemisphere friends will be noticing the nights getting chillier and will be starting to look forward to getting wrapped up in cosy jumpers and scarves, while our friends down under, on the other hand, have the glorious spring sunshine and warmer days to enjoy. While you make some seasonal changes to your wardrobe, take some time to update your skincare routine too – be it soaring mercury or wind and snow, our skin always appreciates a little extra care when there’s a major shift in weather conditions.

Built around multi-award winning formulations, our Three Phase System is your seasonal go-to simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine that can be adapted to reflect the changing needs of your skin– read more to find out how to adjust it with optimal formulations as well as a few other tips to keep your complexion happy.

Autumn glow
Outdoor temperatures in autumn can drop dramatically without warning, meaning sudden exposure to cold weather can come as a shock to the skin. And repeatedly coming in from the cold to a centrally heated indoor space can further sensitise our skin and make it prone to dryness and irritation.
We can help our skin adjust by upping our hydration levels: make sure you’re drinking lots of water (herbal teas count) and make the air less drying in a room by putting a bowl of water on a radiator. Be sure to also give your skin extra nourishment and protection by making the switch to more hydrating skincare formulations. Our multi-award winning Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq and Enriching Moisturiser are our top picks for autumn and winter.

Spring radiance
In spring we’re often keen to spend as much time as we can outside, making most of the brighter and warmer weather after a long winter. But our complexion can react to the increasing temperatures by producing extra sebum, resulting in congested, inflamed and irritated skin.
Regular cleansing is a must as summer approaches. Make sure your routine includes a good cleanser and a gentle exfoliator to remove all traces of pore-clogging oils and dead skin cells. Formulations that are more refreshing are the best for spring and summer: try including our award-winning Dew Facial Wash and our multi-award winning Gentle Exfoliant in your skincare routine to brighten your complexion and to boost cell renewal.


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