Hello sanctuary – how to reinvent your bathroom

In many cultures around the world, there’s a lot more to bathing than just scrubbing the body clean. In Japan, for example, bathing in an Onsen (a Japanese hot spring) is all about taking a moment to slow down, getting into a meditative state of mind and seeking respite from the stresses of daily life (even the monkeys do it!). And while few of us have a hot spring in our neighbourhood (we wish!), you’ve probably noticed how much better and clearer-headed you feel after showering and how answers you’ve been searching for and your best ideas often seem to miraculously pop into mind. Not to mention how a long soak in a hot bath literally melts your worries away…

So why not cherish this place, emphasise its transformative and soothing qualities and intentionally turn it into a sacred space dedicated to self-care where you can let go of your worries and restore your soul and body alike?

  1. Clear some space

Clutter definitely takes away from the serenity of any space and the same is true for your bathroom. To clear out the clutter, take a look at all the products you have. Check all the dates and get rid of anything that’s expired. Then take a look at the rest – if you haven’t used in six months, pop it in a storage box and see if you really need it over the next six months, and if you haven’t used it in a year, bin it! Now, you’re probably left with only those products you love (bliss!), and with the clutter eliminated, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for easily whenever you open your bathroom cabinet or reach for the shelves.

What else do you keep in your bathroom? Give all that other stuff the same ruthless treatment. Ask yourself: Do I really need this? Then act accordingly!

  1. Keep it organised

It’s easier to keep a space well-organised and inviting when everything has its proper place. Even when multiple people use the same bathroom, we can keep the chaos at bay by having a designated storage area (e.g. a drawer or a shelf) for each person. Very small bathrooms can present more of a challenge, so if space is at premium, explore more effective storage solutions, such as magnetic hooks for hand-held mirrors and nails scissors, and boxes and trays for keeping drawers tidy. And if you’re craving more inspiration, check out the countless bathroom make-over ideas on Pinterest.

  1. The green clean

Think of ‘sanctuary’ and the idea of harsh chemicals is unlikely to be the first thing to spring to mind. Avoid exposure to chemical residues and keep your bathroom sparkling clean in a way that aligns with your aim of creating a soulful, restorative space by using gentler cleaning solutions. From simple liquid detergent and a cloth for wiping surfaces to scrubbing the bath with baking soda and white vinegar, there are many green and safe methods fit for a sanctuary.

  1. Sacred space

What does a sanctuary look like to you? Is it minimalist, natural, feminine? Give your imagination free rein and jot down any qualities, ideas, symbols and objects that you associate with healing, inspiration and rejuvenation – then think of ways to bring these elements into your bathroom. You could create more warmth and cheer by adding colourful towels to your collection or you could introduce an element of nature by placing a potted plant by the window or by using a large shell as a soap holder. Think also of crystals, candles, art… Even small adjustments are likely to reward you with a tangible shift in your energy whenever you step into your newly transformed – and transformative – bathroom.

Add a little transformative magic to your bathing routine with the AEOS bath salts, the perfect body-mind pick-me-up whenever you need some extra nurturing or simply want to take time for yourself.

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