Not just a pretty stone… The beautiful benefits of crystals

Fascination in crystals and appreciation for their beauty and practical applications is at an all-time high, but crystals have captivated imaginations since the early days of humankind. Just think of the amber amulets dating back to the last ice age and the jet jewellery unearthed at Palaeolithic gravesites, to conjure the magnetism they’ve had over the centuries! Crystals played an important role in many ancient civilizations, such as the Sumerian, the Egyptian and the Chinese. Used in magic and ritual, as personal adornments, as protective amulets, for healing as well as ground up into a powder and applied cosmetically – Cleopatra is said to have favoured lapis lazuli and malachite. Crystals also appear in many major religious texts, such as the Bible and the Koran, and in many tribal cultures around the world the use of crystals continues in one form or another.
Today crystals are still highly coveted in jewellery and intrigue with their healing properties is on the up. Anyone curious about crystals is spoilt by the incredible choice of crystals available, while information on their properties and uses is easy to find both in books and online. Crystal therapies are on offer in many holistic spas and you can even take a course to learn all about them.
Did you know?
At AEOS we utilise the harmonising qualities of crystals through our carefully prepared spagyric tinctures. We like to think of it as adding that little extra something that makes our skincare formulations truly unique in the range of benefits they offer.
Find your crystal soul mate
Read on for a line-up of our favourite crystals and what they can do for you, we use these ones in particular to boost our skincare formulations but their benefits don’t stop there…
Amethyst                                                                                                        amethyst-min
Skin break-outs? Sensitised with eczema? Amethyst is your crystal guru.
It’s got a soothing effect on frayed nerves too, so if you’re feeling daily jitters and having trouble sleeping, make friends with calming amethyst.
Chalcedony (blue)
Dehydrated, tired-out complexion? Let blue chalcedony work its moisturising magic. Being a peace-maker and a communication-enhancer, it’s also the crystal to bestow on any space that could do with a dose of extra peace and harmony.
Skin-loving Emerald has a beautifully rejuvenating effect on any complexion. It’s also your crystal go-to with the power to balance, so reach for emerald when your hormones and emotions feel a bit all over the place.
Tired and stressed-out? Opal increases vital energy by encouraging the formation of red blood cells. With its supportive energy, opal can also offer a dose of optimism and strengthen our will in challenging times.
Rose Quartz                                                                                       rose-quartz-stone           
An ultra soothing choice for inflamed skin and gentle cleansing,
rose quartz is admittedly best known for its love-promoting qualities.
So it’s oh so good for fostering self-love, keep one near whenever you feel you need that extra self-care boost.
An all-round skin-rescuer, turquoise helps restore sensitised
and dry complexions back to radiance. Promoting self-expression,
intuition and confidence, it also makes it the perfect crystal for creative types.
Quartz is your guru crystal aid when your skin’s in need of a detox and some deep cleansing. Its purifying effects go deeper than the surface though, as it helps us to see and understand our present circumstances more clearly.

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