Do it your way

Today is a day to put attention to one of Vicky Wall’s favourite thoughts: “head in heaven, feet on earth, centre flowing free”. To have peace in our conscious mind combined with grounding and strength in our subconscious mind, with attention placed on the golden area of our body where intuition and “gut instincts” come about, healing and transformation become more possible, thus heavenly possibilities are brought to earth.

Product Profile: AEOS Crystal Nail Files

Perfect, shape and strengthen nails fast with our snag-free yet pro-finish and eco-friendly crystal nail file. This advanced file keeps nails in prime condition thanks to its unique crystal composition – sealing nail tips as you file it helps prevent splitting, chipping and peeling commonly caused by water, dirt and debris seeping into the nail tip. After just one month, nails are stronger, healthier and happier.AEOS-NF-2

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