Discover true love this Valentine’s Day

Expensive meal? Tick.. Killer heels? Tick.. Roses, choccies and that dainty necklace you just happened to “mention” you wanted? Tick, tick, tick…

… But is this what our hearts truly desire on Valentine’s? Hmmm… while the ‘Disney’ romance has its place, surely it’s important we don’t lose the art of true connection – with a loved one and with ourselves.

Want to up the connection with your partner?

Have a little flirt with tandem meditation

The radiant flush of first love that no beauty product can ever replace… the moment you knew you both ‘got each other’… being able to just while away time together just content in each other’s company… if this has been replaced by box sets and TV dinners then it’s time to kick your date night off with a little tandem meditation to get rekindling and connecting.

We often regard meditation as a solitary practice that only happens ‘inside ourselves’, but meditating with your loved one can build trust, a sense of ‘oneness’ and deep intimacy… and the great news is it only takes a few minutes!

Give it go and you might just discover a whole new meaning of ‘romance’, esteemed life coach and meditation expert Jason Nik’s tandem meditation is a great way to start:

1.) Find a quiet place where the two of you cannot be interrupted. Turn off your phones or place them on silent. Put them out of sight to keep them out of mind.

2.) Wear comfortable clothing.

3.) Sit cross legged, facing each other.

4.) Hold both of your partner’s hands. How you hold hands is up to you, just make sure you are both comfortable with the position.

5.) Look into each others’ eyes. Remember, this isn’t a staring contest so you’re more than welcome to blink. Also, don’t simply stare at their eyes, instead look into their eyes as if you’re searching for something deep within their soul.

6.) Breathe. Don’t chant, just breathe. If you are used to chanting when you meditate on your own this will be a bit of an adjustment, but the reason I suggest you refrain from chanting is hearing someone else’s chant may catch you off guard. Meditating together relies so much on developing a succinct rhythm together

7.) Start with five minute sessions and gradually increase to your desired time in dual meditation.

Do what you enjoy… together

The sheer mention of Valentine’s Day can be shrouded in pressure and stress. Before you’ve even booked that table for two you’re fuming at the inflated ‘V Day’ cost, or frantically ‘Googling’ to panic buy a gift that ‘says it all’ (yet you know deep down says nada at all). Love watching films together? Love going for walks? Why not do just that but promise each other you will be truly present with one another, turn the mobiles off and really listen and tune in.

Pamper yourself, connect with yourself

The zen saying is true and we’re sure Cupid would agree: ‘learn to love yourself before you love another’ and that starts with taking a little time out.

What would you do for yourself if you truly felt love for yourself, without conditions? What would you allow yourself to do? Would you allow yourself an hour’s candlelit bath? Would you book that retreat? Would you learn something new? Learning to love ourselves may sound straight out of a corny self-help book but it’s fundamental to our experience of life and our relationships with others.

Our top 5 picks for a little Valentine’s Day self-love

  1. Immersing ourselves in the blissfully scented vapours and skin-nurturing formulas of our divine Bath Salts, surrounded by candles and engrossed in an un-put-downable page-turner
  2. Making a date with ourselves to try something new – a cooking class, a book club, a new form of yoga
  3. Curling up on the sofa hygge style – lighting candles, cooking our favourite comfort food, putting on our favourite music and popping our feet up (preferably in our most comfy pj’s and snuggliest socks!) – taking a moment to appreciate the peace of such moments
  4. Cooking a delectable dinner for a friend or loved one and cherishing every moment
  5. Treating ourselves to the most beautiful bloom of flowers, or even better, picking them ourselves!

Spotlight on ‘rose’

If it was good enough for Cleopatra…

Cleopatra was said to have soaked her ships’ sails in rose water so the breeze would envelop her with scent and bathed in milk infused with its petals – the flower of romance has intoxicated us for millennia – for its addictive scent, it’s symbolic beauty of love and its potent skincare properties.
Biodynamic rose extract and rose oil are two of our hero ingredients in many of our multi award-winning formulas… and for radiant reason – this delicate flower packs potent benefits when it comes to beautiful skin – one of nature’s sacred anti-inflammatories, it’s a skincare star when it comes to reducing redness, calming sensitised complexions and providing soothing moisturisation.


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