What goes around comes around

Today is a day to find a sense of peace that goes way beyond our understanding, to help unlock the transformation that we may be requiring.

Product Profile: AEOS Herbal Face Mask249aeb9a55a6ec0381e4296b95c8d3a6

Revitalise skin in a flash as you help tone and hydrate a fatigued complexion with our award-winning bio-active face mask. A plant-based powerhouse of flowers and herbs – including soothing and toning Melissa lemon balm, witch hazel and stimulating rosemary – this dynamic formula instantly penetrates to leave skin bright, refreshed and energised.

Use and application:

Single use/Application. The mask can either be used warm or cold (for a cooling effect in warm weather). Pour warm or cold water into a bowl and let the mask absorb the liquid for approximately 15 – 30 seconds, take it out and squeeze gently to remove excess water. With hot water let the mask cool down to a pleasant temperature. Place it on your face, fleece side down for between 10 and 20 minutes.

*Alternatively, use mask whilst in the bath. Place mask in bath water for 15 seconds so that your body also gains the benefits of the flowers and herbs. Squeeze gently to remove excess water. Place mask on your face, fleece side down and lay back in bath for a relaxing 10 to 20 minutes.*

Key Organic and Biodynamic ingredients:

rose, melissa (lemon balm), rosemary, witch hazel, and lime

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