Jet-set your way to beauty – Upgrade your long-haul skin regime

We’ve all been there… in a bid to get ourselves holiday-ready we’ve buffed ourselves beautiful, updated our holiday wardrobe and even skipped that choc-chip muffin in Departures, only to step off the plane with a tired dehydrated-yet-congested complexion and feeling frazzled. But fret not! Our top five tips to beat visible signs of jet-lag will jet-set you to Destination Beauty in a flash.
1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
And by this we mean the week before you fly, not just a few extra gulps on board. As any skin expert will tell you, flying wreaks havoc on your skin, mainly because the air pressure and lack of fresh air makes the environment so dehydrating. So get ahead and keep fluid levels up in advance by drinking at least eight glasses of water throughout each day, not only will this help hydrate your skin from the inside out, it’ll also keep your energy levels up and reduce risk of mid-flight pressure headaches.
2. Fly makeup freeAEOS Cleansing Oil De-Maq
Give skin a radiant head start by removing every last trace of make up and impurities just before you fly, with a moisture-locking cleanser. Our multi-award winning Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq is your one way ticket to retaining optimal moisture with the purest biodynamic oils and plant extracts.
3. Refresh and revitalise
AEOS Refreshing Hydrating MistOnce on board, a bottle of facial mist is every jet-setter’s skin boost in a bottle. Spritz our multi-award winning Refreshing Hydrating Mist over your face every hour or so to perk up your complexion, hydrate and energise – it’s packed with premium-grade organic and biodynamic essential oils and an active blend of fruit and flower hydrosols to keep skin and mood balanced in perfect in harmony.
4. Beauty naps
Try and use your time in the sky as a chance to catch up on sleep – from a quick power nap to a couple of hours’ shut eye – not only will it help you feel more refreshed on landing, it’s your skin’s most restorative time.
Apply a capsule of award-winning Profound Nourishing Treatment before you kip – intensely hydrating, its deeply regenerative Spelt Oil formula feeds altitude sensitised skin at the level it needs, so you awaken to healthy happy skin. Plus the hand-luggage-friendly capsules make it your perfect space saving skin treat.
5. Unwind your mind
Ever noticed that when you’re feeling content with life your skin looks better? Well that’s partly because when we’re stressed our blood vessels constrict, reducing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to our skin, causing our complexions to be starved of their rosy glow. So why not maximise all that sitting-down-time by doing micro-meditations – tuning out of your thoughts and into the present moment calms yet energises both body and mind.
Download the Headspace or Calm meditation apps before you fly, for bite-sized flight-ready guided meditations.

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