Radiance on your plate

Want to reveal a glowing healthy-looking complexion? Eat your way to firmer, better protected, hydrated skin with our five top skin-loving superfoods, your best complexion yet never tasted so good!
1. Firmer-looking skin? All hail the humble carrotuntitled

Make best beauty friends with beta carotene and this grocery go-to will bestow you with firmer, better protected skin. Oh yes, this potent fruit and veg pigment not only gives rich orange produce its vibrant colours, it also converts to antioxidant-packed vitamin A once eaten – a vital nutrient for happy, fast-healing, toned skin.
Your skin will love carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, squash and beetroot.
2. Get the glow… give omega 3’s a radiant hello

The ultimate skin superheroes when it comes to zapping free radicals (those pesky environmental atoms that break down skin-firming collagen, which can lead to more wrinkles than we might naturally have); bursting with fatty acids, omega 3’s are your skin’s answer to deep moisturising from the inside.
Flaxseed Oil flax oil
Dewy skin from the inside here we come… this omega 3 powerhouse can be whizzed up in smoothies, drizzled over salads or taken as supplements.

To ensure maximum nutrients our AEOS Biodynamic Flax Oil is grown, cold-pressed and harvested on our own biodynamic farm.
For other sources of omega 3, load up on kiwifruit, lingonberries, walnuts, pecan nuts, and hazel nuts. 

3. Nurture and nourish… discover this vitamin duo
Vitamin E
Look no further than the avocado – not just the answer to Mexico’s tastiest dip, healthy chocolate mousse (try it!) and the ultimate toast topping, this scrumptious fruit is the king of skin superfoods thanks to being packed with one of the most powerful antioxidants, vitamin E (as well as linoleic acid to help prevent moisture loss). This remarkable vitamin tackles free radicles; helps defend skin from UV rays and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
Vitamin C
berryBring on the berries – juicy, tasty, versatile and lower in sugar than most fruit, blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants are your vitamin C fast-trackers to fabulous skin. This collagen-creating, dry-skin-nurturing superstar boosts skin elasticity and helps protect against premature sagging, while it’s antioxidant properties help protect sensitive complexions from environmental damage.


Beautiful water
Don’t forget to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to help eliminate toxins and keep skin bouncy and bright!


  1. Is the AEOS Biodynamic Flax Oil available for sale or delivery to Australia?

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