The mask to end all other masks – introducing your skin’s ultimate secret weapon

Most of us have a particular skincare regime that we stick to religiously, for fear of change (and a breakout). The average routine consists of scrub, cleanser, serum and moisturizer – not a bad combination and one to always maintain, we say. However, there’s something missing in that regime that provides essential hydration, a super glowy finish and all the nourishment your skin craves. Step forward the face mask – usually so fun to apply that it’s a wonder most of us don’t actually count it as an essential part of our skincare regimes.
Here at AEOS, we think we’ve figured out why people are somewhat wary of adding one into their daily skincare collection – are we right in thinking that it’s tricky to find the right one for your skin? Because some face masks in a bottle are so oily that they cause an instant breakout, others are so drying that your skin is left parched and worse off than it was before you applied it. So in light of this concern, we created a sheet mask that ticks every positive box you could wish for, and then some.
Please be upstanding for… AEOS Herbal Face Mask
Packed with a cocktail of flowers and herbs, including Melissa lemon balm to soothe and tone, witch hazel and rosemary this totally pure, award-winning mask leaves skin simply…contented. Because of the nature (if you’ll pardon the pun) of its ingredients, this brightening, refreshing and energizing mask doesn’t leave a single trace of dryness or greasiness. Just happy, well-looked after skin that looks and feels flawless. What more could you ask for?
Pamper yourself…
…at least once a week! Yes, here at AEOS we are strong believers in rested body + rested skin = rested mind. We challenge you to put aside an hour a week to enjoy some serious relaxation time, making the AEOS Herbal Face Mask the main feature of the session. Consider this your ultimate pamper timeline:
7pm: Start running a relaxing hot bath
7:10: Place AEOS Herbal Face Mask in the water for fifteen seconds (so that your body can reap its beautiful skincare benefits too).
7:15: Sink into your bath and place the mask on your face, fleece side down, for up to twenty minutes.
7:35: Add a heaped teaspoon of AEOS Bath Salts (we recommend Blue for Serenity) and relax for a further fifteen minutes to give yourself a chance to enjoy the full, harmonizing effects. Breathe in and out slowly, clear your mind and relax.
[Please insert image of Bath Salts]
7:55: Apply AEOS Realive Serum to your face – the fusion of potent organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and gem and crystal energies will work even better on damp skin, leaving it plumped and smooth.
AEOS Realive-Serum

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