Honesty is the best policy

We create our own reality. Today is a day to be conscious of what we are creating through our thoughts, our feelings, our heart and our mind. A secret to a fulfilled life is to value the creativity expressed in the simple things and in the greater things equally.


  1. Very well put!
    I often wonder why such knowledge is not taught at an early age in life. If people were more aware of how much THEY DO have a part in the making of their lives I´m sure many would be a lot more satisfied and healthier.
    This “victimhood” mania seems to be a worldwide craze.
    We ARE the creators!
    Mr Midnight cheekily adds that perhaps humans like to embrace victimhood because it´s convenient and one can avoid self-responsibility.
    Sir Winston and I have already put him in his place!
    Meow, purr purr and thank you for posting a wonderful, enlightening post. 🙂

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