Good luck all day

Today is a day to find a sense of peace that goes way beyond our understanding, to help unlock the transformation that we may be requiring.

An after thought … The colour blue speaks to us of the qualities of peace, serenity and nurturing, qualities that we all have need of in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Our days are full of ‘busy-ness’ and extending out of ourselves. The blue gives 00AEOS-Optimal-Sequ#135833Ban opportunity to ‘re-group’ and find some stillness within. Many people feel the need to be more at peace with themselves and their situations/circumstances, and the blue may help to find that aspect. Due to its calming effect the AEOS blue range is ideal to [Read more…]

Angelic rumours are true

Today is a day to get in touch with the source of happiness and laughter within ourselves. The joy of life itself. Are you taking things a little too seriously?7024125-sunshine-forest-treetop Or do you have nervous fears that lead to self consciousness in the way in which you perceive yourself?

AEOS yellow products may help us to get in touch with the feelings associated with the colour yellow – that which encourages a more centered way of being, bringing in a little more happiness, self confidence, and the feel good associations with a sunny day – joy!

Wait a while and then move on

Today is a day to connect with our deep sense of balance so that our head is in heaven and our feet stable on the earth. With this balance of peace and wholeness in the mind, and strength in our groundedness, we can more easily receive the love from above.

Miracles make moments magic

Today is a day to open our heart with the hope of how things may unfold. Perhaps we may have doubts about our skin condition changing, perhaps we may have a lack of trust, or perhaps we may have anxieties about the present condition. With an open heart, and giving ourselves the space for change to come about, triumph is more likely to come about.


“A cutting edge, holistic & luxurious range of skincare that delivers not only a radiant complexion, but significant wellness benefits too. My stand out favourite was the AEOS Realive Serum, which is fragranced with heavenly essential oils of lavender & rose geranium and contains active hyaluroinic acid to promote skin repair. A little of the serum smoothed on my face, neck & around my eyes after cleansing left my skin feeling plumped & nourished. By introducing the products into  [Read more…]

An extra, extraordinary day

Today is a day to get in touch with our inner wisdom so that the positive energy in whatever it is that we do can be released.


“I am wary of exfoliants due to my extremely sensitive skin but after a patch test I knew this [AEOS Gentle Exfoliant Blue] would not cause me problems. The formula is creamy and ever so slightly gel like with very fine and few in-between beads. It is best worked on damp skin to feel the effects, I tried it on dry and could hardly feel a bead at all. I find it not too dissimilar to the Antipodes exfoliator actually, AEOS being a little more on the creamy side. It really is gentle enough for us sensitive skin types without leaving red sore looking skin which can be hard to find. It buffs away the top layer with ease leaving soft glowing skin. Of course I still and will always love my [Read more…]

Leave the door open to find happiness

Through positive thinking, expression and action we are more likely to enjoy feelings of joy and wisdom. A wisdom that we should never take for granted as it is not permanent, but rather something that requires continuous regeneration. We may need to let go of past thoughts, feelings and actions, so that the space for greater wisdom is created.

Product Profile: AEOS Fragranced Skin Replenisher Rich CreamAEOS98

Deeply nourish dry or environmentally-stressed skin as you veil it in the divine organic essential-oil fragrance of damask rose, lavender and orange flower. Softening, smoothing and caring, this 15% biodynamic spelt oil blend – grown on our own biodynamic Shire Farm – is packed with natural vitamin E and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Use and application:

Take a small amount from the jar. Gently pat the cream into the skin preferably while skin is moist as after a shower or a bath. This replenishing cream can be used day and night and should be part of an AEOS skin care routine.

To ensure all the potent elements are energetically brought together before application, we recommend [Read more…]

Know you cannot fail

Is it a time to re-think and re-assess our skin care habits? Are we still doing the same things with our skin care ritual that we have been doing for years? The AEOS range emulates the natural function of the skin, balancing skin that is too oily or dry by restoring its equilibrium and providing protection where needed with an easy to follow three phase system – renewal, rebalance and replenish. From the SWIFT ‘time saver’ sequence – cleansing, hydrating and moisturising, to the OPTIMAL ‘skin booster’ sequence – a thorough in-depth hydrating, nourishing and [Read more…]

Angelic protection is there for you

Today is a day to awaken the perseverance, determination, energy and enthusiasm for life that we all inherently have available to us. Have we been given this beautiful complex physical body complete with subtle energies simply to just survive? Or have we been given it for a [Read more…]

Enjoy each and every moment

What we choose to put on the physical body can either enhance the health, vitality and well-being of our physicality and subtle energies, or it can be of detriment. AEOS products contain organic and biodynamic plant extracts, essences and essential oils, as well as spagyric tinctures of crystal energies, and the waveforms of colour. Through AEOS products we combine and include the alchemical techniques of the ancients, along with [Read more…]

New season, new skin

After a summer of sun-basking, toe-dipping and water-splashing, there has recently been a noticeable shift in the air. The evenings are getting crisper, the days are getting shorter and we are all savouring every little bit of that warm sunshine before it pops off behind the autumn clouds for a well-earned break. But the end of summer doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be excited. Because with a new season comes exciting opportunities, fresh ideas and lots of happy days. And something else that should be happy is our skin, because the new season catwalks were full of the joys of autumn and full of oh-so gorgeous, dewy complexions that will make you want to leap out of summer as fast as you leapt into it.
Catwalk skin at your fingertips…
The models at shows such as Balmain, Marchesa and Prabal Gurung sported gorgeously gleaming skin, so beautiful that they didn’t need to wear layers of makeup to enhance it. But you don’t have to be a model to achieve this because as well as a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep and plenty of water intake, natural beauty lies in the heart of your skincare regime. And thanks to AEOS and some beautiful ingredients, we can all have skin that looks like it’s come straight off the catwalk – hip hip HOORAY! So if you haven’t tried AEOS yet, here are some of our must-have products that will transform your skin into happy, new season skin:
AEOS Gentle Exfoliant
Reveal the glowier side of your complexion with this skin smoothing and nourishing gentle scrub. It contains organic jojoba seed, grape seed and argan and avocado oils and our biodynamic spelt oil which is packed with antioxidants for your healthiest ever, model-like skin.
AEOS Gentle Exfoliant
AEOS Realive Serum
You know that fresh looking, plump finish you see on models’ skin that you think would never be achieved from one product? Step forward Realive Serum – packed with organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and gem and crystal energies, it is pure luxury in a bottle. Plus the naturally derived hyaluronic acid smoothes fine lines and wrinkles to enhance pure youth.
AEOS Realive-Serum
Enriching Moisturiser
For a super-hydrated, naturally glowy finish this moisturiser contains all the good stuff – organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and gem and crystal energies. Its light-weight, grease-free texture leaves skin feeling nourished and baby-soft thanks to jojoba, sweet almond, argon and rosewater. Hello pampered skin!
AEOS Enriching Moisturiser (Pink)Enriching Moisturiser Blue
New season nails – nailed!
And while you’re rocking your new season skin, you may like to check out the array of gorgeous manicures seen at the AW16 shows. DKNY, Felder Felder and Emporio Armani all showcased the most beautiful block colour nails that looked flawless under the spotlight. To give your manicure the best possible start, treat yourself to one of AEOS’ Crystal Nail Files – aimed to groom your nails in the healthiest way possible and prevent snagging later on, these rainbow files are an essential addition to any beauty stash.