Fall in love with your summer body

Whether you’re planning a staycation this summer or jetting off to somewhere exotic, being body confident will no doubt be at the top of your to-do list. But being content with your body doesn’t just come from how you look, it’s how you feel on the inside too. Here at AEOS, we like to think of ourselves as multi-taskers in that department, making every effort to embrace inner beauty at the same time as taking care of what’s on the outside. How? By using beautiful holistic products, packed with only the good stuff that are both amazing for the skin and create a steady mind set. And it’s not just your beauty regime that will have you and your body singing from the rooftops this summer – being active, eating healthily and adopting a positive mental attitude will make you glow from within too.
So, from the perfect body products to the most beneficial ways to get moving, read on for our 3 tips on how to get all-round happiness for your body and soul. Summer never felt so good!
Pamper until your heart’s content
And we don’t just mean every so often – we’re talking every day. Yes, pampering every day will make both you and your skin (and your heart) very content indeed. Have you tried AEOS Beauty Body Shower yet? Thanks to a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils and plant extracts your skin will be getting only the best hydration, stimulation and invigoration while you cleanse. And what’s more, crystal essences like amethyst and emerald will have you feeling energised and ready for the day in no time.AEOS Beauty-Body-Shower
If you love super-smooth, radiant looking skin try AEOS Beauty Body Lotion. It loves your skin just as much as you do thanks to pure ingredients like spelt, jojoba, argan, grape seed, rose geranium and lemon myrtle and you can choose between Harmonising or Awakening, depending on your mood.AEOS17YA


Or for some seriously indulgent pampering, run yourself a bath and add one heaped teaspoon of AEOS Bath Salts to get the true holistic mind-body experience. There are seven different variations – Gentleness, Joyful, Openness, Serenity, Spirit, Rainbow and Wisdom – and you need no less than 15-20 minutes of true relaxation time to reap the beauty benefits – no arguments! Your body and soul will be soothed from head to toe and it will show as you glow.bath salt
Eat your way to body confidence
A healthy diet is paramount to how your skin looks and behaves. Having said that, everyone’s allowed a cheat day every so often and making a well-balanced, healthy meal, every meal is just unrealistic. So why not compromise and try to incorporate at least two or three healthy ingredients into each one instead? For example, if you’ve only got time for pasta, add some tender stem broccoli, almonds and fresh tomatoes to up your vitamin and anti-oxidant intake. Or, instead of rice, choose quinoa – it’s totally wheat-free, is packed with protein and you won’t get the dreaded bloat afterwards.
Get moving
The best remedy when you’re feeling sluggish? To just go go go! Doing even just a little bit of exercise helps to raise our endorphins and feel great. It can take anything from running up and down the stairs a few times to jogging to the shop and back to get you feeling energised and ready to take on whatever comes your way. With this newfound energy comes contentment, inside and out. After all, the more you move, the stronger and healthier your body becomes. Or for fans of more serene activity, try yoga. A 5,000 year old tradition, it is aimed to unite the body, mind and soul leaving you feeling centred and contented.

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