Three cheers for Vitamin E

When you think about it, your skin goes through a lot in one day – air pollution on your walk to work, ultraviolet radiation whilst sitting outside on your lunch break and being surrounded by cigarette smoke at your evening event. But whilst the environment we live in can’t always be helped, thanks to AEOS and one of our most used ingredients your skin can be (phew!). Cue vitamin E – a super effective anti-oxidant that helps to fight off the nasties that come your skin’s way. We’ll be honest, healthy looking skin can’t really do without it.
Here are 3 ways to get your vitamin E fix with a little help from AEOS…
Enriching Spelt Hand Cream
AEOS97Fans of AEOS would have definitely read all about our very own Spelt Oil which we are proud to say is grown on our biodynamic farm. It’s naturally rich in our star ingredient of the moment, vitamin E and helps skin fend off harsh environmental stresses. This award-winning cream is packed with it and helps hands look and feel super-hydrated and regenerated. It’s a little pot of hand happiness.
Dew Facial Wash
Containing honey, lemon oil and orange extract this must-have face wash is a joy to use but it’s the vitamin E enriched Spelt Oil that sets your skin up for the rest of the day. What’s more, energies of gems and crystals help to calm the mind and soothe the soul. AEOS Dew-Facial-Wash
Fragranced Skin Replenisher Rich Cream
AEOS98For a deeply nourishing experience, this moisturiser works best on damp skin after your shower or bath. Apply it both morning and evening and feel safe in the knowledge that your skin is being vigorously protected, thanks to vitamin E and omega-3 essential fatty acids.
Vitamin E helps on the inside too…
It plays an important role in organ function and contributes towards maintaining a healthy immune system. Vitamin E supplements are available in case you need reassuring that you’re getting all the goodness you, your body and your skin needs. Or why not incorporate it into your diet? Think almonds, cooked spinach and broccoli, avocado, kiwi and mango. You can make a whole salad full of vitamin E alone and know that you’re doing yourself good from the inside, out.
Here are 3 more anti-oxidants that are great for your skin (and taste good too)
Kidney Beans – pack your chilli con carne with them or add some to your lunchtime salad.
Dark chocolate – Guilt-free chocolate? Yes please. Replace your evening treat with some of the dark stuff.
Strawberries – So easy to grow your own or use as the main feature in a fruit salad. During the summer, the shops are bursting with them.


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