Hydrate your way to beautiful summer skin

After waving a happy goodbye to those bitter winter winds we’re now embracing the warm hazy days of summer – hooray! But as much as we never want it to end, the humid weather sometimes leaves our skin looking and feeling rather unloved. With social events to attend and holidays to book, it’s easy to let our skin take a back seat while we focus on enjoying the warmer months.
Thanks to the AEOS skincare range, taking care of our skin inside and out doesn’t have to be a chore. Purer than pure ingredients and super-nourishing properties help to provide it with utterly beautiful hydration in three simple steps, meaning you and your skin can enjoy a very happy summer.
Here’s how…
EXFOLIATE: Believe it or not, using a facial scrub doesn’t have to dry out your skin, it can actually help to nourish and boost hydration levels. Our award winning Gentle Exfoliant is unique because it contains our very own biodynamic spelt oil which is home grown on our farm and aims to soak the skin in every possible inch of goodness.AEOS Gentle Exfoliant
CLEANSE: After scrubbing, AEOS Cleansing Oil De-Maq is the perfect next step to remove the day’s dirt and makeup. And it’s not just any old cleanser – biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and gems and crystal energies help the skin to retain moisture and look gorgeously glowy.AEOS Cleansing Oil De-Maq
MOISTURISE: Using a moisturiser containing only the best ingredients for your skin is a no brainer – AEOS Enriching Moisturiser gives it a warm, hydrating hug with help from jojoba, sweet almond, argon and rosewater.AEOS Enriching Moisturiser (Pink)
Or for a special treat once in a while…
…replace your moisturiser with our award-winning Profound Nourishing Treatment.  Containing our home grown biodynamic Spelt Oil, it’s oh-so good for hydrating and replenishing the skin. You could say it’s your daily dose of skin-TLC.AEOS-PNT
Psst! We’ve been nominated – again!
Yes, we’re leaping into summer only to be greeted with the happy news that two of our key hydration products have each been shortlisted for a prestigious award. AEOS Cleansing Oil De-Maq features in the Face Care (“Wash Off”) category in the Free From Skincare Awards and AEOS Profound Nourishing Treatment has been recognised in the Face and Body Oils and Oil Serums category. This is such a wonderful accolade for these two brilliant products and here at AEOS, we’re jumping for sheer joy. Now all you have to do is try them out for yourself – we promise your skin will love you for it.

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