Let’s hear it for lavender

Here at AEOS, we care about each and every ingredient that goes into our award-winning products and we like to think we know every little thing about them too. From our unique home grown spelt oil to our air-light rosewater, ensuring each and every product contains only the best for your skin is one of our favourite past times. But there’s one ingredient in particular that’s having a moment – lavender – and oh how we adore it. Why? Because lavender benefits us in so many ways – on our skin, in our diets as well as medicinally and although it’s been around for centuries it is still one of the most used essential oils today (and rightly so).low-17Beauty-Body-Lotion-Harmonising
And because it helps to calm the skin and soothe the mind, you’ll find our very own biodynamic lavender in many of our products – the Beauty Body Lotion (Harmonising and Awakening), Refreshing Hydrating Mist and Enriching Moisturiser (Blue and Pink), to name a few, all contain this skin favourite.
Here’s how to utilise lavender at home and reap all its lovely goodness.
Be a sleeping beauty
Lavender is known for its ability to relieve tension and enhance sleep. Crush some up and leave it in a bowl next to your bed or dab some lavender oil onto your temples to breathe in while you sleep. It’s the ultimate dose of aromatherapy for de-stressing the mind.
Add it to your diet
You’ve heard of lavender flavoured chocolates (yum), but what about brownies, cookies or even salad dressing? Drop some lavender oil into your recipe and enjoy the delicious side of nature. It will also help to lift your mood – for a more concentrated result, add a few drops to your water.
Grow some
What better way to enjoy the authentic effects of lavender than to grow some in your own garden? For best results, plant it during the summer in full sunshine in reasonably well-drained soil, not clay. And the best bit? The flowers are packed with nectar so the bees love it.
Keep a bottle close to hand
Yes lavender oil is so multi-tasking that you can almost guarantee the need for it when you’re out and about. This little miracle worker soothes minor burns including sunburn, de-puffs insect bites and bee stings, cleans cuts and scrapes and when inhaled, even helps to relieve hay fever. It’s your very own little bottle of kindness.

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