Skin-loving TLC for sunshine-soaked hands

These luscious warmer days call for safe basking in the sunshine, going for mud-free walks and spending time sprucing up the garden. After a long winter, we’re welcoming this lovely vitamin D with open arms, mostly because it is essential for the health and strength of our nails. But equally, outdoor activities like gardening can take its toll on hands and nails – sowing seeds and digging around in soil can cause them to dry up and become brittle. And as it’s our hands that show the first tell-tale signs of aging, regular nail maintenance, even during the summer, is key – just think of it as an extension to your skincare regime. And what better way to take care of your hands than with the purest of the pure, soul-loving ingredients found in AEOS nail care products? Go on, treat them to some serious TLC.
Here’s how…
File your way to stronger nails
For many, filing with the wrong tool is often the cause of peeling nails and chipped polish. Our Crystal Nail File prevents this, thanks to its clever crystal composition and when used regularly, nails are super strong and noticeably healthier after just a few weeks. And did we mention it comes in all the colours of the rainbow? That’s some serious shelf appeal right there. Tip: File in one direction to achieve your perfect shape and avoid snagging.AEOS-NF-2Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
Happy hands are hydrated hands. Dry, flaky skin adds years to the skin and our hands are no exception. Keep a pot of our multi-award winning Enriching Spelt Hand Cream on your bedside table for some bedtime pampering. Slather all over and enjoy the benefits of spelt oil – our star ingredient – which is rich in the powerful antioxidant vitamin E and grown on our very own biodynamic farm. It’s your one-way ticket to beautifully nourished, thirst-quenched hands.
Oil up for nurtured nails
Ready to discover our crème de la crème in nail care? Thanks to our home grown biodynamic poppy, sunflower and spelt oil, Biodynamic Nail and Cuticle Oil protects and replenishes dry, cracked and damaged nails and cuticles as soon as it comes into contact with the skin. Unlike other oils, this award-winning treat is in it for the long-haul as the benefits last and last. Pop one in your bag for on-the-go conditioning or keep it in the bathroom and apply it first thing in the morning.AEOS84
Add a little nail care into your diet too…
We all know the benefits of eating healthy food – think iron, protein and vitamin C for flake-free, happy nails. But it’s flax oil that really ups the ante on beautifying from the inside out and not just on your hands. It promotes exquisite health and a happy radiance from within that everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing. Why not try our Flax Oil capsules or Biodynamic Flax Oil? Also grown and harvested on our farm, you don’t get much more natural than that.
flax capsules

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