Step into summer with super smooth, award winning skin!


Hip hip hooray it’s almost summer and what better way to celebrate than bringing news of another award-winning product from AEOS? Our beautiful Gentle Exfoliant has been crowned Best Exfoliating Product at The Beauty Shortlist awards and we have to admit, we’ve been jumping for joy ever since. Packed with organic oils like jojoba seed, grape seed, argan and avocado plus AEOS’ very own biodynamic spelt oil, it’s no wonder it’s been given such a high accolade.
AEOS Gentle Exfoliant
Your skin’s new best friend…
The Gentle Exfoliant is so kind to the skin that you wouldn’t even know it’s a scrub – just a gentle treat that leaves your skin super-glowy and you radiant from within. There are two variations – Blue, containing calming chamomile for serenity, and Pink, promoting kindness and warmth thanks to crystal essences of rose quartz. You could say it’s inner-peace and skin-happiness all in one tube.
And this sunshine season, a polished complexion is one to shout about, thanks to the spring/summer catwalks. Bright, plump, dewy, you name it, we saw it but results like that don’t come from makeup – it takes a smooth canvas right from the offset.
Exfoliation station…
So, how does using a gentle scrub like AEOS Gentle Exfoliant create such baby-soft, model-esque skin? It’s simple really – as you age, the skin renewal process slows down. However, exfoliation removes the top layer of dulling dead skin cells from the surface and encourages healthy live cells to take their place. It also helps to increase circulation and improve your skin tone. In a nutshell? You get a fresh, beautiful finish both inside and out. Here’s how to introduce that lovely gleam into your skincare regime:AEOS Dew-Facial-Wash
To get rid of makeup and the day’s dirt, cleanse your skin with our scrumptious honey and neroli enriched AEOS Dew Facial Wash.
Apply AEOS Gentle Exfoliant onto damp skin in circular motions. (Psst: use it once every other day for the best results.)
Smooth on AEOS Enriching Moisturiser which is packed with organic and biodynamic essential oils for crucial summer time hydration and to add an extra shot of radiance.
And there you have it – beautiful, velvety skin that’s totally on trend, using only the purest, soul-soothing ingredients for the happiest of summers.

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