Spring-ready radiance… top tips for the season

Increased daylight, flowers in bloom, birds suddenly singing their little hearts out everywhere – looks like spring’s finally here! But while you might have the spring in your step, your skin might not have caught up yet? Fear not – a few little lifestyle and skincare tweaks here and there will work wonders for your complexion and supercharge the rest of your beauty routine. Read on for our top five tips to guarantee that beautiful springtime glow.


1. Eat yourself radiant

For many, post-winter skin is drier and tighter than usual. Using the right formulas to quench thirsty skin is important, but don’t overlook the benefits of enriching your diet with skin-loving nutrients too! A true skincare hero and a great ally in your pursuit of petal-soft skin, omega-3 fatty acid helps combat inflammatory compounds that cause skin problems and enhances your cells’ ability to hold water. Unlike its abundant cousin omega-6, our favourite fatty acid sadly lacks in modern diets.
Not sure how to go about increasing your intake for a more supple complexion? Our biodynamic Flaxseed oil is one of the richest sources of omega-3, is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and has a mild nutty taste. Drizzle this super-skin oil on salads and other dishes or try taking it in capsule form.


2. Calm your mind for beauty

If eyes are the mirror of the soul, then our skin often reflects our emotional states. A study of college students by researchers at the Temple University, Philadelphia*, demonstrated that psychological stress is indeed associated with many skin complaints. And no wonder – when we feel out of sorts, stress hormones are released and blood vessels constrict, effectively depriving skin of oxygen and nutrients in favour of muscles and internal organs, leading to problems such as increased dryness, wrinkles and acne.
As an antidote to stress, try meditation. If the idea of it evokes an image of desperately trying to battle with your wandering mind, rest assured you don’t need to banish all thoughts or perfect a certain technique to meditate effectively. Just five minutes per day, gently focusing on your breath, is a good place to begin a stress-free lifestyle with immediate cell-oxygenating, toxin-eliminating benefits. You don’t even have to sit still – a walking meditation might suit you better and has the added benefit of giving you a dose of fresh air and mood-improving sunshine. Well, fresh air at least!

3. Raise a glass for healthy skin
water-glasses-fruit-130705Moisturisers and other skincare formulations do a lot to keep skin hydrated and moisture locked in, but for best results we must ensure we’re getting enough water internally as well. Why? Water plays a key role in cell metabolism – that is, bringing nutrients to the cells as well as removing waste products and toxins. Healthy, well-nourished cells equal more resilient and elastic skin.
The typical recommended amount is about eight glasses of water per day, but drinking enough is admittedly not always easy. If you keep forgetting, try to make a habit out of downing a glass of water before each meal and keep a bottle of water handy to remind you to sip throughout the day. If you simply find water boring to drink, introduce variety and flavour by adding a slice of citrus fruit or cucumber into your glass and also up your intake of water-rich fruit and veggies, like celery and watermelon.

4. Exfoliate to reveal your best face
Psst, speaking of exfoliation, our award-winning Gentle Exfoliator (Blue) was recently named the number one exfoliator by the CURVA magazine. For the ultimate glow, follow this spring-skin must-have with our award-winning Realive serum and Enriching Moisturiser.
Whatever your skin type, a layer of dead skin cells can make your complexion appear dull as well as increasing the risk of developing those pesky blemishes. There’s absolutely no need to submit to your fate though – exfoliation to the rescue! Gentle exfoliation polishes away dead skin cells as well as any dirt that might be clogging pores, revealing a layer of new, fresh skin underneath. Making exfoliation a regular part of your skincare routine not only speeds up the renewal process of skin but also enhances the absorption of serum and moisturiser applied afterwards. You reward? A brighter, smoother, softer complexion. AEOS Gentle Exfoliant


5. Hit the yoga mat for a better complexion
The health benefits of exercise are well known – increased blood flow and oxygenation have an invigorating effect on the body. Those in the know will be aware too that increased circulation and oxygen levels also benefit the skin. Yoga, a gentle form of exercise suitable for almost everyone, is particularly effective in the quest for beautiful skin. Certain yoga poses increase blood circulation specifically to the head area, giving our complexions a targeted boost… and that much-dreamed of ‘rosy glow’.
As with meditation, the practice of yoga doesn’t require feats such as standing on your head for hours or twisting your body into a pretzel. Many yoga poses are very accessible and well worth including into your daily routine. Convinced? Start by relaxing in Child’s Pose for a few minutes daily: kneel on the floor, sitting on your heels and open your knees hip-wide. Lower your torso down while breathing out. Touch your forehead to the floor and lay your hands palms up along your torso and let your shoulders sink towards the floor. Rest for a few minutes before slowly rising, starting from the base of the spine, while taking a deep breath in.
*Study on stress and skin health: https://medicine.temple.edu/news/temple-researchers-find-association-between-stress-levels-and-skin-problems-college-students

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