Hooray! Spring has got her glow on

…and we’ve just won another award!

aeos new award 16


We’re more than a little excited here at AEOS HQ (you might just have heard the hype on Facebook and Twitter) – we’ve just won another new award! Yes, our revolutionary three phase skincare system has been crowned 2016’s Best Exfoliating product in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards this year, securing the highly coveted first place in the Skin Care System category. AEOS Gentle Exfoliant

These are the beauty industry awards in the UK, celebrating the ultimate natural beauty formulations and brands. Needless to say, we’re super proud and delighted to have received such a respected accolade, proving all the love and care that goes into the creation of our holistic skincare is reaping radiant results.

So let’s get glowing…

Is our award-winning three phase skincare system already a part of your skincare routine? Either way, now’s the optimal time to breathe fresh air into your regime and get your skin spring-ready – think ultra-smooth, nourished, glowing and petal-soft to the touch. The winter’s finally coming to an end, but your skin may still benefit from extra support after months of exposure to cold and windy weather as well as dry, heated indoor air… yet, the coming of spring also brings a change in environmental conditions and skincare should be optimised to reflect this. Our ‘renew – rebalance – replenish’ system helps skin maintain a healthy equilibrium during these changing conditions. Best of all, it can be continuously adapted to the unique needs of your skin by choosing different formulations for each step as required.

Here’s how…


Ready to brighten up winter skin and discover fresh new beauty with our three phase system, but aren’t exactly sure which formulas are right for you? Our Optimal Essentials Kit lets you experiment and discover your perfect combination.

Tip: don’t be afraid to experiment outside your morning and evening skincare routines as well. Try popping a bottle of our award-winning Refreshing Hydrating Mist in your handbag to spritz over make-up for an instant dewy fix anyplace, anytime. Keep it handy on flights and you’ll kiss a fatigued complexion goodbye as you jet set your way to a beautiful rosy glow…

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