Explanations are not always possible

AEOS products contain spagyric tinctures, i.e., liquid gems and crystals prepared specifically for Aura-Soma®, according to an ancient holistic alchemic process, which views body, soul and spirit as a balanced unity. Spagyric tinctures are not effective because of their ingredients; rather, they are effective because of the metaphysical powers released by the manufacturing process. Spagyric is alchemy in practice and adheres to alchemical laws practiced by Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine. By bringing together the alchemical techniques of the ancients along with cutting edge skincare formulas, the AEOS products provide a medium through which these tinctures may have a direct effect on the human energy field. It is a truly unique approach to skincare and general well-being.

Product Profile: AEOS Organic Lip GlossProduct Photography By Packshot Creative

A natural gloss that delivers luscious shine with a splash of colour. The luxurious formulation helps to moisturise and soften lips whilst gliding on smoothly.

Testimonial: “I love it – it tastes ever so slightly of sweeties (big hit with me) and it’s a lovely, medium pigmented non sticky gloss. It also smells amazing – it has a citrus fresh scent that is different from most lip glosses I have ever smelt, love it!”  Grace, Allthatslap blog

Key ingredients and benefits:

-Contains a blend of organic and biodynamic plant extracts to help promote beautiful kissable lips.

-Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Spelt Oil all help to soothe and soften the lips.

-High concentration of Vitamin E and antioxidants.

-Lightly scented with Lime Oil.

* Please be aware that there is a high level of Lime Oil within the AEOS Lip Products, designed to bring about a plumping appearance to the lips. Lime Oil is not a problem or concern for the majority of people, but there is a very small percentage that may have a sensitivity issue with this ingredient. We would therefore encourage you to take this in to consideration. Many AEOS lovers are really enjoying this product.


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