Go forward with your own ideas

Today is a day to put attention to the quality that we bring to whatever it is that we do. If we plant seeds of happiness in the present, we are likely to find blossoms of joy greeting us in the future. If we use completely natural and organic skin care to help renew, rebalance and replenish our complexion, then it is more likely that we will unveil a beautiful healthy glowing complexion in the future.

Keeping skin youthful and healthy when exposed to pollution, sun, air conditioning and day-to-day environments can be challenging. The AEOS range emulates the natural function of the skin, restoring its equilibrium and providing protection where needed with an easy to follow three phase system – renewal, rebalance and replenish.

RENEWAL: We believe that effective skincare starts with thoroughly cleansed but not dehydrated skin. [Read more…]

Angels watch over you endlessly

Shining the light on anything can be very helpful. Helping to let go of the difficulties. For with shining the light, already a new step has been taken.

Testimonial – AEOS Dew Facial Wash: “This is the perfect product to help relax and cleanse! Like a home spa treatment. I always love products like these as they make for such great gifts. [Read more…]

Better to bend than break

We create our own reality. Today is a day to be conscious of what we are creating through our thoughts, our feelings, our heart and our mind. A secret to a fulfilled life is to value the creativity expressed in the simple things and in the greater things equally.

Testimonial: “The AEOS Illuminator had my instant approval – a sheer, golden stick with a hint of shimmer that glides on to skin to leave you looking a little more radiant and glowing. I couldn’t pinpoint what I liked about the scent until I checked the ingredients label and saw it listed sunflower seed oil and vanilla among others – a lovely mix. The Illuminator has become a daily must-have [Read more…]

Have a friendly grin for all

The more it is that you can make peaceful conscious acts a unifying force within yourself, the more you will be on your way to wholeness. A way to being complete.

Blue speaks to us of the qualities of peace, serenity and nurturing, qualities that we all have need of in the hustle and bustle of every day life. If our days are full of ‘busy-ness’, the blue gives an opportunity to ‘re-group’ and find some stillness within. Due to its calming effect the AEOS blue range is ideal to use if one feels that their need is for more peace and to develop a more calm approach to their daily activities.


Give unselfishly

Whatever our thoughts or our feelings are … they immediately manifest. Today is a day to “choose love” in all your thoughts, feelings, actions and interactions.

AEOS products are made with love and intention by Aura-Soma Products Limited.

Aura-Soma Products Ltd. is dedicated to actively working with the earth’s ecosystem, supporting the planet towards a healthy and harmonious future. By taking responsibility for what we create we believe that we are not only contributing to the solution for reducing our footprint on the earth, but also helping to generate a future with more love, care and consciousness.

Play and have fun

Today is a day to go within, to perceive what lies beyond our own reflection of self. To accept ourselves and to “wake up” so that a new consciousness can arise. To develop the qualities of love and wisdom, and the wisdom to love ourselves.

If we really would like to look after ourselves, whether that is just our skincare, or through consideration of our whole being, the pink range of AEOS products may assist in encouraging and replenishing those pink qualities of love, caring and kindness within oneself. [Read more…]

Join together in love

When we look in the mirror do we see our own beauty? Or do we see our judgments – our perceived imperfections?

When we look at a flower we see the vibrant beauty, not the imperfections.

Today is a day to look at yourself in the mirror the same way you do a flower and see your beauty.

Testimonial: I prefer oils these days for makeup removals. Sadly though some oils aren’t packaged correctly which means they are hard to travel with and some do get quite messy. As a Makeup Artist I hunt for fab products that work and also look for packaging that can withhold the bump and travel and AEOS Cleansing Oil De-Maq is not only a fantastic product, it is made well enough for me to use at home or on set [Read more…]

Go forward with your own ideas

Today is a day to shine the light in to our individual challenges and patterns as we move towards the collective life of humanity. We have all the support we require to awaken to the abode of bliss. Only you know what is right for you, so trust your inner guide and relax.

A question we are often asked: “How do I know which coloured products to choose within the AEOS range?”
Vicky Wall, the founder and Innovator of the Aura-Soma® Colour-Care-System® used to say – ‘The greater guide is within’. This, along with the key phrase in Aura-Soma – ‘You are the colours you choose and these reflect your Being’s needs’ [Read more…]

Angels fly because they take themselves lightly

Sometimes we may be in a difficult situation because of our inner conflicts. Today is a day for co-operation rather than competition. Co-operation with our thoughts, our actions and our interactions. For with co-operation we can lead others to develop trust in the process of life and hope for the future. Do you compare yourself to others, or to the unattainable images in fashion and beauty magazines? Or do you compete with yourself and your body image? It’s time to let go of those thoughts and practice peaceful co-operation.

AEOS Refreshing Hydrating MistProduct Profile: Refreshing Hydrating Mist
“This is definitely my favourite product in this range. I’ve been using it daily ever since I received it and I just can’t get enough of it. It’s very refreshing and my skin has broken out in dryness recently but this has helped a lot. It’s just so lovely to use and makes the skin look refreshed, hydrated and more awake and alive. I’m also a big fan of the smell – it’s gorgeous. I’ll definitely continue to buy the Refreshing Hydrating Mist. My skin literally drinks it up and it can’t get enough of it!” Jemma, Bamboozle Beauty blog, UK

A refreshing facial mist containing a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals offering a delicate and unique level of hydration, made from a carefully selected blend of fruit and flower hydrosols to refresh and balance the complexion. Spray a few times and enjoy its refreshing fragrance at the same time. [Read more…]

Determination will get you there

Today is a day to get in touch with our inspiration from the heart, and to develop the trust to bring that inspiration into reality.

An after thought: AEOS is completely organic natural skincare with no toxic chemicals or synthetics … innovative harvesting of essential oils … cutting edge skincare technology using tocopherols (Vitamin E) from natural sources … a unique use of the ancient spelt grain grown on our Demeter-certified biodynamic farm … the active energies of crystals and minerals … all gathered and orchestrated with the intention to [Read more…]