Stay in touch with loved ones

Today is a day to open our heart with the hope of how things may unfold. Perhaps we may have doubts about our skin condition changing, perhaps we may have a lack of trust, or perhaps we may have anxieties about the present condition. With an open heart, and giving ourselves the space for change to come about, triumph is more likely to come about.

Testimonial: “My skin had been feeling really dry to the point where I could actually feel dry patches emerging and after three days of using the AEOS Gentle Exfoliant they were gone. To my delight.”
Adriane, Australia

Expect and deserve the best

Today is a day to get in touch with our inner wisdom so that the positive energy in whatever it is that we do can be released.

One question that is often asked: How do I know which coloured products to choose within the AEOS range?
Vicky Wall, the founder and Innovator of the Aura-Soma® Colour-Care-System® used to say – ‘The greater guide is within’. This, along with the key phrase in Aura-Soma – ‘You are the colours you choose and these reflect your Being’s needs’ [Read more…]

Listen to the wisdom of your heart

Through positive thinking, expression and action we are more likely to enjoy feelings of joy and wisdom. A wisdom that we should never take for granted as it is not permanent, but rather something that requires continuous regeneration. We may need to let go of past thoughts, feelings and actions, so that the space for greater wisdom is created.

Is it a time to re-think and re-assess our skin care habits? [Read more…]

Feel the Angels love for you

Today is a day to draw breath in to the belly, the golden area of our self, so that we may bring more clarity to our senses, enhancing our inner wisdom. This type of practice may help us to become more aware of the truth within our own heart, moving in to another state of consciousness less to do with the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, and more to do with experiencing a stillness.

An after thought: Instead of rushing through our daily skin care “routine”, perhaps it might be beneficial to pause before starting our ritual, [Read more…]

Just take a tiny step if you are not sure

Today is a day to awaken the perseverance, determination, energy and enthusiasm for life that we all inherently have available to us. Have we been given this beautiful complex physical body complete with subtle energies simply to just survive? Or have we been given it for a higher purpose? For awakening to a harmony throughout the whole of our being?

What we choose to put on the physical body can either enhance the health, vitality and wellbeing of our physicality and subtle energies, or it can be of detriment. [Read more…]

You are an important part of the Divine plan

Today is a day to find our own space or our own direction, so that the love from above can come in to the depths of ourselves. Perhaps you have been wandering aimlessly through brand after brand trying to find the “right” skin care that suits you. Perhaps AEOS might be that very key to reveal your healthy glowing complexion indicating a level of well-being, not just beauty.

Testimonial: “A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an event for AEOS skincare range…So having trailed their Dew Facial Wash, Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq, Realive Serum and Energising Moisturiser for the past 7 days what did I think?…I started seeing results pretty much straight away. [Read more…]

Know peace, love, light and laughter

Perhaps we wish to hide our head in the sand like an ostrich. Perhaps we are hesitant to look in to the depths of what lies within our self. Like the ostrich, we may try to avoid our spiritual self. But even if we try to avoid it, we can not hide from our self. Today is a day to listen and look at what challenges us, so that great insight and transformation can come about.

An after thought: Skin conditions are never as simple as to categorize as “oily, dry or normal”. [Read more…]

Be willing to make mistakes

Today is a day to shine the light within, to look in to the mirror and be honest with ourself, so that we can truly find peace and happiness. The peace with what is. The peace that comes with trusting that what is ours will come to us, without our having to reach forth and take it with pursuit. It is naturally ours. Just like the natural beauty that resides within us all. There is no need to actively pursue our beauty, it is and has been there all along.  [Read more…]

Like yourself for who you are

Today is a day for reconciliation within our self. If we were to love and care for ourself a little more, to be kind to ourself a little more, and truly look after ourself, whether that is through our skincare, or through consideration of our whole being, then it may help to bring about a little more joy and happiness in our life.

Testimonial: “I thoroughly enjoyed working with AEOS products very recently. They are so light and yet so powerful [Read more…]

Do not go to where guilt is

Today is a day to shine the light in to our energy centre and the creative aspects within ourself, to allow for something more subtle and more evanescent, that in turn opens the possibilities of an increased awareness of the unseen realms or perhaps an awareness of the earth energies and their unfolding on the planet at this point in time.

An after thought: AEOS products contain spagyric tinctures, i.e., liquid gems and crystals [Read more…]