Show respect to yourself and others

When we get in touch with our inner guide and innate wisdom we have the ability to transform and heal. When we feed our skin completely natural, organic and biodynamic plant extracts, we are honoring our body and being – providing ourself with what it truly desires to thrive, to help bring about a glowing complexion that indicates a level of well-being, as well as external beauty.

The source of the ingredients used in AEOS is of the utmost importance to us. At Shire Farm, our (Demeter-certified) biodynamic farm, we grow as much as we can to be used in our products, sourcing other ingredients from organic and biodynamic farms across the world. Plants grown using these methods have more vitality and a profoundly positive effect on the raw materials produced from them. Embracing this holistic approach from our farming, sourcing of materials, through to creating these skincare preparations, enhances our philosophy – look after the soil, feed the skin, nourish the soul.

Angels walk beside you

Today is a day to give ourselves the space to be able to see ourselves as we are. As the earth is evolving, so too is humanity and the creatures that walk the earth evolving. There is no need to be stressful or anxious – we know where we are going and how to get there as we have all the support and love from above.

A question we are sometimes asked: Should I use the same AEOS skin care sequence all year round?
Changes are occurring in our bodies all the time, including the skin. In fact, the skin is an obvious way to notice that we are constantly renewing cells as can be seen in the understanding of why we exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells using our Gentle Exfoliant, rather than a harsh chemical process. For people living in countries where there are seasonal changes in the weather, they may notice the different requirements of their skin according to those seasons. It is beneficial to become aware and notice the changes during these times and adjust the usage of your AEOS products accordingly, so that the skin does not become dehydrated or over moisturized and thus congested. This may mean using fewer products and less of each one, depending on your personal needs.

Spend some time alone each day

When we remember to put love in to the little things, by doing things with care, this lovingly overflows in to the world. An important thought, however, is also to remember to leave a little space in the day just for ‘you’, whether that be meditation, a relaxing walk in nature, gazing up to the sky, or taking the time to lovingly apply your skin care sequence with meditative consideration. Gifting ourself this little space in the day supports and encourages our ability to receive love from above.

After thought: When applying your AEOS products, ensure the correct sequence to allow each of the products to be received by the skin and penetrate to deeper layers within the skin structure, according to its needs, and enabling the maximum effect. All AEOS products are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way, so please use sparingly. Use gentle circular motions and light patting on the skin.

Agree to disagree

Today is a day to practice caring, warmth and kindness toward ourselves. Self acceptance, extending outward to the world, helps to bring about healing and transformation in the conscious mind.

AEOS pink products are enhanced with the crystal essences of fire opal, rose quartz and rubelite that all help to encourage and replenish these loving qualities, assisting you to look after yourself, whether that is just skincare, or through consideration of your whole being.

Silence is sometimes best

Today is a day to have a little faith and trust. Often the case is that we would like to see changes in our complexion sooner. Please have a little patience, and exhale any negative thoughts. Trust in the process. Perhaps it might be beneficial to practice integrating the concept of “thy will, not my will” in to the daily life.

Testimonial: “Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq has a pump-action top that is so easy to control…the scent is luxurious without being too heavy…despite being an oil, I found that this was completely non-greasy and easy to wipe off with cotton wool…I may have even noticed a slight improvement in my acneic skin during the use of this product.”
Bianca, France

People never forget how you make them feel

When something touches our heart, we could say that it is the truth. Truth does not come from our thinking or our feeling, it comes from a deep place of innocense within us. Truth is consciousness, and the consciousness of truth is bliss.

Angels are your second self

There is another aspect of ourselves – the completion and wholeness of ourselves. When we let go, we have a chance for a new beginning.

Testimonial: “Just WOW. I just started using the range today with the dew cleanser and yellow exfoliant. My skin is so soft and smooth I was literally gobsmacked. Can’t wait to save some pennies and expand my collection!”
Nell, Australia

If you do not mind it does not matter

Today is a day to perceive circumstances of life with a positive outlook that may become blissful. To let go of what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future, so as to be in harmony with ourself, which inevitably leads us to be at the right place at the right time doing the right thing, according to our soul’s path and the greater good.

A wonderful surprise today

Being prepared to be vulnerable leads to the energy and passion we need to give unconditional love, and to put this caring in to action.

When applying AEOS, use gentle circular motions and light patting on the skin, acting in a caring and mindful manner with your skin care sequence, infusing a little love with every touch.

Be gentle with the earth

Today is a day to get in touch with love again. To reawaken and reconnect with the love and acceptance we have for ourself in everyday situations.

An after thought: The source of the ingredients used in AEOS is of the utmost importance to us. At Shire Farm, our (Demeter-certified) biodynamic farm, we grow as much as we can to be used in our products, sourcing other ingredients from organic and biodynamic farms across the world. Our sustained commitment to biodynamic farming standards means that we honor the Being of each plant used within the AEOS range. This process begins with balancing the different aspects of the soil, which then encourages increased strength and vitality within the plants. This attention means that when the plant is harvested, its energy force has been nourished through the well-tended soil so that it can provide us with its optimal quality and essence for use within the products, which in turn offers optimal regenerative opportunities for the skin. It is a gift from nature to us.